It only takes one spark to start a fire!

A spark, if tended, can light a fire that will burn bright and hot. If unattended, one spark can be devastating. The same is true about a company’s approach to its people and culture. Your approach to your organization’s Human Resources is critical and we are here to help you burn as brightly as possible.

Each business is unique and it takes a customized approach to every aspect of talent and culture to succeed. At Spark HR we pride ourselves on providing tailored people solutions. In conjunction with trusted partner organizations, we offer day to day HR counseling and advice, assistance with employment related policies and documents, workforce training and development, DEI strategies and training, benchmarking and compensation analysis, succession planning, risk management and compliance and more. Led by Lorisa LaRocca, who most recently served as Chair of Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP’s Labor & Employment group and has more than two decades of employment law background, Spark HR views companies’ HR needs through a different lens. We believe that being proactive when it comes to your people is the best way to ensure the most productive outcomes.

We understand that there is no one size fits all approach to what your business needs today or in the future so we offer service packages to fit your needs from monthly retention arrangements to individual project by project agreements. We will work with you to build a trusted and customized relationship with Spark HR.

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